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Getting involved

In this section databases of gene therapy clinical trials are gathered.

  • Wiley database on Gene Therapy Trials Worldwide
    A very informative database presenting charts and tables showing the number of approved, ongoing or completed clinical trials worldwide. Data is available for: Continents and countries where trials are being performed; Indications addressed; Vectors used; Gene types transferred; Phases of clinical trials; Number of trials approved/initiated 1989-2007.

    A searchable database is also present with detailed information on individual trials. The data are compiled and are regularly updated from official agency sources (RAC, GTAC etc..), the published literature, presentations at conferences and from information kindly provided by investigators or trial sponsors themselves. Beware that information on some trials is incomplete as some countries regulatory agencies simply do not disclose any information.
  • GeMCRIS - NIH Genetic Modification Clinical Research Information
    GeMCRIS allows users to access an array of information about human gene transfer trials registered with the NIH, including medical conditions under study, institutions where trials are being conducted, investigators carrying out these trials, gene products being used, route of gene product delivery, and summaries of study protocols.