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EGANs predecessor EAGS, European Alliance of Genetic Support Groups, was founded in 1992.

The main objectives were at that time:

  • to serve the common aims of individuals and families with genetic disorders
  • to promote the provision of services which meet the needs of these individuals and families

Annual Meetings

From the very beginning there was a strong collaboration with scientists. Each year EAGS and EGAN organised its annual meetings, workshops, symposia and joint sessions in conjunction with the annual congresses of the European Society of Human Genetics ESHG

Year Place County
1991 Leuven Belgium
1992 Copenhagen Denmark
1993 Barcelona Spain
1994 Paris France
1995 Berlin Germany
1996 Vienna Austria
1997 Genoa Italy
1998 Lisbon Portugal
1999 Genf Switserland
2000 Luxembourg Luxembourg
2001 Vienna Austria
2002 Strasbourg France
2003 Birmingham United Kingdom
2004 Munich Germany
2005 Prague Czech Republic
2006 Amsterdam Netherlands
2007 Nice France