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Becoming a member

EGAN intends to change its statutes from an European Association under Belgium law, into an European Association, or Foundation, under Dutch law. Meanwhile, its memberships will be updated and decisions concerning new kandidate members will be postponed till this transformation has taken place.

How to become a member?

Please send us an e-mail if you want to become a member, mentioning the characteristics of your organisation. Actual information on possibiliteis and procedures will then be provided.

Membership according to the statutes:

The members of the Association are non-profit and non-governmental patient organisations constituted under the appropriate legal status in their country of origin. There will be two categories of members : Ordinary members: which may be any patient organisation that has a specific interest in genetics and biotechnology and that represents either more than one specific condition on a national basis, or one specific condition on a multi-country level within Europe. Associate members: which may be any patient organisation with a specific interest in genetics and/or biotechnology. Different kind of members may be accepted at the discretion of the Board of Directors only. In accordance with the Belgian law, a register of the ordinary members will be held at the registered office under the responsibility of the Board of Directors. 

Admission of the members 

Every entity wishing to become a member shall apply in writing to the Board of Directors. The Board takes its discretionary decision at the simple majority of its members present or regularly represented. The Board shall decide if the person is accepted as an ordinary or an associate member. No appeal of the Board’s decision is possible; the applicant shall be informed by ordinary letter. 


Each category of members shall pay an annual fee determined by the Board of Directors. The members shall pay a maximum annual fee of 1.000 €. The actual fee will initially be set at 50 € Article 9. Resignation of members Each member of the Association is free to resign at any time by sending a letter of resignation to the Board of Directors.