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Clinical trials

In this topic you find information about joining a clinical trial.
Patients with chronic diseases are often keen to volunteer to take part in clinical trials, hoping that their contributions will help research to discover new therapies that will help to treat or cure the condition affecting them. Taking part in a clinical trial often raises questions either for those in the trial itself or the family members or carers.
Specialist Terminology and General Terms on Clinical Trials
Describing the scope of a trial, how it is going to work and what it is trying to find out often requires the use of many technical, scientific and other specialist terminology. This glossary brings together definitions of many of these specialist words. The definitions used are taken from authoritative publications listed at the end and they have been written by experts in clinical trial design.

Informed decision-making
This webpage brings together some of the questions that are frequently asked by those thinking about joining a clinical trial. It aims to provide clear information in a straight forward way so that patients and their families can make informed decisions about taking part in a clinical trial if the opportunity arises.

This information has arisen as a result of a collaboration between the European Genetic Alliances Network (EGAN) and Roche. The content has been read by independent experts from the patient community and by those responsible for carrying out clinical trials.