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Suggestions for biofarmaceutical industry
The Patients Network for Medical Research and Health EGAN is the only coalition of European patient organisations who holds the promotion of European patient-centred biopharmaceutical innovation as its main objective. To reach this goal, EGAN is getting more and more involved in European projects in which it works with other major European stakeholders.

An example of such a project is PatientPartner, an EU FP7 project in which patient organisations work with all other stakeholders, including EFPIA and EBE and their members, to stimulate progress of clinical research and to contribute to the quality and effectiveness of clinical trials through partnering with patient organisations. PatientPartner has been presented at the EFPIA Think-Tank meeting in Brussels, where it was greeted with much interest.

As you may know, most EU-funded projects require a certain degree of matching by the organisations involved, and thus do not cover cost related to acquisition, maintenance of the organisation’s infrastructure, communications, website, etc. This is a serious bottleneck for small NGO’s and patient organisations like our association, that does not receive structural funding to cover these structural costs or to invest further in the exploration of new challenges in working for innovative research and development.

Therefore, we seek your support. We are looking to establish a 3-year agreement with you. To add cooperation and partnership to your support, we envisage round-table meetings to identify mutual interests and added value, and to discuss strategic issues.

EGAN works in accordance with the EFPIA Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations. 

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A positive consideration of our proposal will be much appreciated and we are more than happy to provide further information. You can contact us via the EGAN secretariat: +31 30 6034040,, Alastair Kent: +44 20 7704 3141, or Cor Oosterwijk: +31 30 6034031,
We look forward to hearing from you. 
Mr. Alastair Kent, President    Mr. Cor Oosterwijk PhD, Secretary General