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EGAN's policies are realised by a voluntary board, volunteers from within its member organisations, advisors and project workers. Secretarial support is kindly provided by EGAN's secretariat at the office of Dutch Genetic Alliance VSOP (The Netherlands).

Governace according to the statutes 

The Association is directed by a Board of Directors, acting collegially, composed of a minimum of five and a maximum of nine directors elected and revoked by the General Assembly at the simple majority of the votes of present or regularly represented members. The Directors are elected for a renewable term of two years by the General Assembly. Not more than one half of the number of Directors on the Board may represent single issue Pan European organisations. 

Composition of the Board of Directors 
The Board of Directors shall choose a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer within its members. They are chosen for a two-year, renewable, term. The Board of Directors shall meet when called on by the President or, in case of absence, the Vice-President, or the eldest of the Board members each time the interest of the Association so requires.
A meeting can be convened by mail, email, or fax. A meeting must be convened at least twice a year to have knowledge of the activities report of the Board and to approve the accounts. 

Powers of the Board
The Board of Directors has the widest powers to implement the objectives of the Association. It may exercise all the powers that are not specifically reserved to the General Assembly by the law or the statutes. 

Daily managment
The Board may delegate the daily managment of the association to the President and/or to one or more Board members. May be considered as daily management: appointing employees and fixing their salaries; the financial administration; establishing the coming year’s budget which must, however, be brought before the Board for approval; the execution of the Boards decisions; acting for the daily needs of the Association; The daily managers can be revoked by decision of the Board by a simple majority of votes. 

Advisory Board
The Board of Directors may appoint advisors with certain skills in order to assist it in achieving the aim of the association. The advisors are appointed by a simple majority of Board votes. They serve for a limited mandate of one year renewable upon its term. They may be invited to attend Board meetings but have no voting right.

General Assembly
A resolution of the General Assembly is especially requested for the following :
1° amendments to the statutes;
2° election, appointment and dismissall of Board members;
3° election, appointment and dismissall of the auditor and the fixing of his remuneration in the
exceptional case of his being remunerated;
4° giving discharge to the Board;
5° approval of the annual accounts, activity plan and budgets;
6° dissolution of the Association;
7° exclusion of members;
8° transformation of the Association in a « société à finalité sociale » (special form of company
with a social aim). 

Composition of the General Assembly, proxies 
The General Assembly of the Association shall consist of the ordinary members of the Association. The General Assembly elects a President within its members for a renewable two year term office. If the President is not present; the assembly shall assign a member to preside the meeting. Each ordinary member is entitled to cast one vote. The ordinary members may give a proxy to another member or to a third party. Associate members may attend the General Assembly in an advisory but non-voting capacity. They are not taken into account in the quorums.