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Biomedical Research

These pages offer information on genetic, biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical research for the development of therapeutic, preventive and diagnostic tools formally hosted on the BioMedInvo4All website. 

It is intended to serve patients, their organisations, and other users of health care and health research that want to be activelly involved in these fields, and want to contribute to more patient-centered innovations: 'biomedical involvement for all'. 

This information is part of its EGANs strategy called 'Patients roadmap to treatment' to empower patients and their organisations regarding their active role in the different aspects of therapy development. 

In the submenus, several biomedical research themes are described.  The research themes are ordered according to the Patient roadmap to treatment, acknowledging that in each phese of the biomedical research and development process, patient involvement will have added value. If possible, submenus provide information on basic knowledge, ethics, politics, getting involved and links. On several of the described themes, publications can be downloaded or ordered, see Publications