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About EGAN

EGAN - Patients Network for Medical Research and Health - is a dynamic, non-profit collaboration of patient organisations that work together because they recognize the value of their involvement in genetics, genomics and medical biotechnology for the prevention and treatment of genetic, multifactorial and congenital disorders. In addition, EGAN pays particular attention to the ethical, legal, psycho-social and cultural implications and the impact on society at large injecting a patient focussed perspective in to political and societal debate on these issues.

EGAN’s mission is to seek a world in which genetic diseases are understood, effectively treated and/or prevented and the people affected supported through a programme of high quality services delivered in a timely, accessible and equitable manner.

EGAN members are committed to sharing their opinions and their common interests. They believe that the empowerment of individuals, families and patient organisations enable them to make timely and informed decisions about family planning and life style issues.

EGAN is working from the patient perspective on biomedical research and therapy development.

EGAN actively contributes to the progress of human genetics, genomics and medical biotechnology as tools for early detection and accurate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

EGAN is working together with other European patient alliances and organizations to build a unified approach to genetic and biotechnological issues from the patient perspective.

EGAN has been registered as a not-for-profit organisation under Belgian law since April 2005. EGAN started out as the European Alliance of Genetic Support groups (EAGS) in 1992 in Copenhagen, Denmark.